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I’m terrified they will relapse and overdose.  I feel betrayed and angry.  I am grieving the loss of the person I loved before addiction “took over”.  Anxious?  Real Talk leads to real change.


Feeling trapped?  Understand beliefs and behaviors that support addiction.  Heal the anxiety fueling your family’s pattern.  In heart-breaking situations, learn how to give yourself a break.

Family Retreat 2017

This is the permanent change you are looking for.  Learn what really “runs the show”.  Speak your deepest truth and fears to people who “get it”.  You can understand and heal your family.


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Developmental (Childhood) Trauma

Our brains are shaped by our experience, especially from infancy through to our early twenties while the brain is being formed and various […]

Why are there so few adults?

“I don’t want to grow up” is not just a slogan for Toy’s R Us. It is the spoken or unspoken mantra of […]

Am I doomed to repeat the past? Is there a way out?

Sometimes it seems change is hard to come by. You might find yourself in talk therapy, year after year after year, repeating the […]

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