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173 x 259Scott Kiloby is an author and international speaker on the subject of freedom through non-dual realization, a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor/Registered Addiction Specialist, Director of the Kiloby Center for Recovery, Inc. and Founder of the Living Inquiries Community and Natural Rest. “Rest” refers to the invitation to relax into the present moment and let all thoughts, emotions, and sensations come and go freely.

Scott’s message is simple:   Rest. Inquire. Enjoy Life.






172 x 259Kay Vogt, Psy.D is a Senior Facilitator of Living Inquiries and Natural Rest and is the licensed psychologist at the Kiloby Center. She is also certified in EMDR, Internal Family Systems and Focusing. For 20 years she has worked with families to help them understand and change family patterns that may have existed through generations. Along with co-creating the Kiloby Family program, she works privately with individuals and families, and has a specialty working with families in business together.






Lynn-Fraser-2013-06-a-173x259Lynn Fraser is a Senior Facilitator/Trainer of Living Inquiries and Natural Rest; and a senior meditation and yoga teacher in the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition. She brings the depth and richness of twenty five years experience teaching meditation and yoga philosophy to this work. She specializes in holding a safe and trusted space for healing trauma in her private online Living Inquiries sessions with individuals. She continues to work with recovery herself and within her family. Lynn lives near family, the ocean and forest in Nova Scotia Canada.


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The Living Inquiries were developed by Scott Kiloby and continue to evolve. These guided self-inquiries are a mindfulness practice of seeing that our experience is through thought (words and images) combined with feelings and sensation in our bodies. We look at each of these elements and ask one of three questions.

Is that me? The Unfindable Inquiry (UI) is used to see that a particular person (e.g., self or other) is empty of separate nature. Core deficiency stories are based on our past experience and common ones include feeling unlovable or unworthy. The Unfindable Inquiry reveals that this core belief consists entirely of thoughts (words, images) Velcroed to sensation in the body.

Where is the urge to … ? The Compulsion Inquiry is useful for compulsion, addiction, and craving, including for alcohol, sex/porn, gambling, food, internet use, obsessive compulsive behaviors, and seeking enlightenment. The root of the need to get away from our experience, to distract ourselves, is trauma. Our nervous system is charged up. We attempt to down-regulate and calm ourselves through distraction and addiction.

Is this word, image or sensation a threat? The Anxiety Inquiry looks for an external sense of danger, threat, or attack along with an internal sense of self that feels threatened, endangered, or attacked. Once our systems have been activated into fight/flight/freeze, we can spend decades being hyper-vigilant. What was once a very real threat is now being relived through images and energy. Through the Anxiety Inquiry we gain new perspective and release the charge on the memories. A trusted facilitator can make it easier when feeling unsafe.

The Living Inquiries were developed by Scott Kiloby.

The Compulsion Inquiry was co-developed by Scott Kiloby and Colette Kelso.

The Anxiety Inquiry was co-developed by Colette Kelso and Fiona Robertson.

The Living Inquiries


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