It all begins with personal transformation. The [often multi-generational] patterns that have existed in the family system seem so normal that they don’t always appear obvious as a focus of treatment. However, these patterns contribute to, and keep addiction going.  They were playing out before treatment, and they will play out after treatment. Without addressing these family patterns, the probability of continuing sobriety is diminished.

Chronic anxiety almost always is underneath these patterns and fuels the enabling behavior that keeps the user in the one-down, under-functioning position. We may be focused too intently on the user and what will happen to them. We are addicted to them as much as they are addicted to their substance of choice.

To release yourself from these habits and patterns, takes a commitment to “personal work”. If you have tried traditional psychotherapy, analysis or even family therapy you are getting about 20% of what you could get from doing this inner work. Through our facilitation, mindfulness practices and the Living Inquiries, you can transform fear and limited beliefs about yourself, others, and your relationships.

New discoveries about neuro-plasticity, attachment, and perception can radically change how you see yourself and others. Anxiety, as the driver of most of our problematic behavior and stress, can be alleviated as you gain the tools to transform long-held beliefs and emotional patterns.

It is our great joy to help people become free of the cognitive patterns and stress and help families recover. Even with a few sessions you will begin to experience a shift, a letting go of what has been keeping your family repeating the patterns of the past.  Extraordinary growth is possible for yourself and your relationships. 

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