Our family program is entirely online from the privacy of your home. We provide professional facilitation to support and educate all family members about everyone’s role in addiction.

Learn about:

* The emotional climate of a family and why it should be a focus of treatment

* The addiction of family members to the drama of addiction

* How our nervous system tricks us into the enabling behavior we so want to stop

* How to learn to treat substance abusers as capable

* Learn from stories and role plays

Our compassionate group is a substitute or adjunct to 12-Step programs. We meet online for 90 minutes every Sunday. Sessions combine education; practice and role-play; and sharing our stories anonymously. There are three levels at which you can participate:

Level One:  Weekly Sunday meetings, 4:00pm Pacific, $100/month

Level Two:  Weekly meetings plus 2 individual sessions: $300/month

Level Three:  Six-month membership including 2 private sessions per month: $1500

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FRI. FEB. 17 THROUGH SUN. FEB. 19, 2017

Understand and Heal Your Family
Experience our cutting-edge mindfulness approach

The February 2016 retreat was a transformative experience. We are very much looking forward to this year’s retreat where more people will have the opportunity to go deeply into understanding and healing their families. Please get in touch. We would love to talk with you about it. or click here


For families in which the family system is a major factor in keeping the addict using, we design a customized program just for you. This is an alternative to travelling to the recovery center and involves a range of intensity from daily sessions to several times a week.

* Private sessions are essential to bring about change from habitual patterns that have kept the addict using

* Some sessions are one-on-one and some may involve multiple family members

* Sessions may be as often as 5-7 days a week

* The person in treatment may or may not be involved in these sessions

* The weekly group class and peer support are included and provide important support for the individual treatment

* We provide a compassionate and judgment free zone for you to explore the multi-generational patterns that keep your family stuck in addiction

Prices range from $500-$2500/month

Please get in touch and we will co-create a custom program to fit your situation. Email or call us 312-330-3094.