Scott Kiloby Says:

Healing the Whole Family – Why the Kiloby Center’s Family Services Program Is Critical to Success for the Addicted Family Member

As Scott Kiloby says, “Treating addiction is truly a family affair.”  Research shows that the chances for long term success in recovery depend a lot on whether the family of the person who is addicted obtains the necessary treatment to begin healing the wounds created within the family unit. Whether it is enabling, co-dependence or some other form of family role-playing, family dynamics are always at play in addiction. They help to create the addicted person in the family and often help keep the person addicted by reinforcing unhealthy roles and boundary setting. “Chronic relapsing is not simply a matter of someone not being able to quit his or her addiction; the whole family often sets up the addicted person for failure in unseen or unconscious ways,” says Scott. Through the family services program, the family begins to truly see these hidden dynamics at work and discover new and healthier ways of being and relating to each other within the family structure.

The Kiloby Center offers a truly unique program led by licensed staff psychologist Kay Vogt and teacher and meditation/mindfulness facilitator Lynn Fraser.  Both Kay and Lynn are Senior Facilitators of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries.  Our family program is unique in a number of ways.  With the exception of in-house retreats that are held at the Kiloby Center from time-to-time for those family members who can travel to Palm Springs, CA, the family program takes place entirely online so that families can participate from the comfort of their own homes. Kay Vogt brings unique skills and experience in the area of mindfulness facilitation, family dynamics, addiction education, counseling, therapy and intervention.  She is a highly sought-after therapist.  Lynn Fraser brings exceptional skills and experience in meditation, mindfulness and trauma work. She is well-known among those who follow Scott Kiloby’s work.  “I have two of the best facilitators in my facilitator program running our family services program; these women are the best of the best.” 

The family services program offers group and individual sessions for family members, including sessions involving Scott Kiloby’s unique Living Inquiries. “As family members experience my work in the family program, they are not only working deeply to heal their own anxieties and wounding, but also learning the kind of mindfulness work that their addicted family member is learning everyday at the Kiloby Center,” says Scott. “This helps them to intimately relate to their addicted family member as he or she leaves treatment at the Center and begins a new life of living more peacefully in the present moment.”  According to Scott, “When the entire family is working a similar program, everyone is speaking the same language of recovery and support for the recovering family member is stronger and more effective.”  Everyone is recovering. “I have seen a much higher success rate for clients at the Center whose family members are participating in the family services program; when family members do not seek their own recovery, the addicted family member has less of a chance of long term recovery – it’s that simple.”

The Kiloby Family Services program is not limited to families with family members in treatment at the Kiloby Center.  Any family may join!  No matter whether your family member is against treatment, in a program already or just thinking about it, the Kiloby Family Services program can help the entire family heal. 

The next family retreat at the Kiloby Center will take place February 17th through 19th, 2017.