Our online group program is not simply learning about ideas and terminology. We integrate a sophisticated family systems approach with a weekly practice group which enables the whole family to change.  The chances of a newly sober family member remaining symptom-free is exponentially increased if the whole family is involved in treatment and engaging in new behaviors. Addiction is a family affair and everyone benefits from learning and growth.

In order to become a more functional sober family and support sobriety for the long-term, families benefit from not only learning the theory behind what makes family’s function better, but also learning about the anxiety that motivates their helping behavior. By integrating role play, family systems theory, breathing practices (to strengthen the nervous system) and the Living Inquiries we get at the root of habitual behavior that underlies the addictive family patterns. Some examples of what we address in our weekly on-line meetings and in our private sessions:

  • Setting boundaries: Get to the bottom of why it is so difficult to:
    • Know your boundaries
    • State your boundaries
    • Enforce your boundaries in the face of manipulation
  • Multigenerational nature of family patterns:
    • Many reactions are grounded in the past and are unconscious
    • Will-power alone isn’t enough
    • Role play and learn alternative interaction strategies
  • Communication:
    • Learn about your communication patterns and how it keeps old dynamics in place
    • See how much of our communication is defensive rather than empathic
    • Practice more effective ways to listen and express yourself