Retreat 2017

Our February, 2017 Retreat was a success.  Many of the men and women who came have joined our regular Sunday meetings to stay connected and continue their deep dive into understanding and family healing.  



February 17 to February 19, 2017

“I cannot begin to express how important it is for families to be educated and to experience their own transformation.” Scott Kiloby

“When I arrived at the conference I was caught up in and burdened with my current family situation. Being at the conference for 3 days helped me develop some clarity and perspective.  The group members and group leaders were incredibly supporting and loving!” NS, 2017 retreat participant


Our family retreats are open to all family and close friends of people with addiction. Some participants will have a loved one who is or has been in recovery through the Kiloby Center. This is also for people who are concerned about a family member who is not yet in recovery or whose family or friend is in recovery at another center. The Kiloby Center  is a non-12-Step program and many participants will be new to our mindfulness based recovery program.

Listen here to a portion of Scott’s talk from the last family retreat.

This is a safe environment in which to explore family systems dynamics and healthy ways to support someone in recovery. Practicing the Living Inquiries and Natural Rest in relation to family relationships decreases anxiety that can lead to derailing of healing and recovery. Topics include: differentiation, over and under functioning, co-dependence, triangles, how to deal with emotional flooding, ACES (Adverse Child Experiences Scale), neurobiology of addiction as well as what constitutes a healthy family.

In congruence with our mind/body approach we will learn breathing practices and work gently with energy and contractions to provide support for the body and nervous system.

Cost: $495 ($445 with early registration) with 50% reduction for additional family members.
Email or call 312 330-3094 to arrange a time for an informal dialogue with Dr Kay Vogt or Lynn Fraser about the family program and the retreat. Space is quite limited so please do get in touch soon.   or visit us on Facebook at Kiloby Center Family Services

“Great intro to concept of mindfulness; Learned about the connection between internal stimulus and outward action; See the need to reflect on and accept (understand) the basis for the stimuli and its influence.” AB, 2017 retreat participant

“This retreat helped me trust myself more leading me to greater trust in others. I’m leaving here with greater confidence in my ability to shape the life I want.” LL, 2017 retreat participant

“Powerful exercises, had an “ah-ha” moment that gave me clarity I’ve needed. Felt a lot of confidence in Kay and Lynn … I was in good hands. The material – there should be a household name for it.” LC, 2017 retreat participant

“This is a place of deep respect and acceptance and an experience of safety in exploring old pain. These “strangers” are not to be feared.  The sharing showed me the commonality of human experience and your facilitation brings relief and new hope.” M.J. Alaska (February 2016 participant)

“Thank you Kay and Lynn. I’ve learned how much addiction is a family disease; how my experiences and my family’s are so interwoven. I’ve learned a great deal about the events of my mom and sister and how much these events have shaped our family dynamic. I’ve mostly learned to open my heart and mind to the love that is so close to me.” Sam, February 2016 participant

“This weekend was one of the most magically eye opening experiences I have had. I’ve learned so much about myself and feel a connection that will last forever with all in the group. I wish this could be done once a month—very helpful. Also wish I could have shared this with people close to me—especially my wife so I could understand her a lot better. Very honored and thankful for this opportunity. There are really no words to express what I feel inside. Thank you.” Alex, California, February 2016 participant

The February 2016 retreat was a transformative experience. We are very much looking forward to this year’s retreat where more people will have the opportunity to go deeply into understanding and healing their families. Please get in touch. We would love to talk with you about it. or click here

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